BPAA Awards

Every year the Bristol Property Agents Association likes to recognise special individuals or companies that have helped make a difference in the world. From graduates to long-term professionals, the BPAA Awards are a highly-recognised way to celebrate the achievements of our members or future members.

Winners are voted for by the BPAA committee and presented at the annual BPAA dinner.

Malcolm Gunter Award

In memory of a dear friend of the BPAA the Malcolm Gunter Award will be awarded annually to the individual who has made an Outstanding Contribution to the BPAA, the Bristol Property Market and the prosperity of the City of Bristol.

Malcolm Gunter Foundation

In May 2017 Malcolm Gunter was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a most devastating and misunderstood condition. Just 12 months later, in May 2018 he passed away.

Born in Frampton Cotterell in South Gloucestershire, Malcolm Gunter spent almost 30 years working in the Bristol and wider South West property market and was well liked and respected by all who had the pleasure of working with him. An active contributor to BPAA. His reputation and a measure of the high esteem in which he was regarded resulted in him being nominated to become President of The BPAA in 2018. Sadly this was a position he reluctantly had to relinquish when diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in 2017.

The Foundation was set up under Trust in April 2018 with the following objectives

  • To provide financial assistance to sufferers of MND to include specialist medical (including equipment) or nursing care;

  • To meet costs associated with practical, emotional or other support for Malcolm’s family;

  • To provide support to other sufferers of MND and their families;

  • To make grants to charities involved in the field of research into MND or the support of people suffering from MND or their families


  • 2023 James Durie
  • 2022 Zoë Willcox
  • 2021 The Trustees of the Malcolm Gunter Foundation: John Sisman, Peter Walford, Matt Moody, Mark Wilson and Ollie Paine
  • 2020 Sarah Ogden

BPAA Student Awards

The BPAA Student Awards is an annual event which was started by former Past President Jayne Rixon in 2011. This prestigious award recognises outstanding achievements in property-related degree courses, in collaboration with the University of the West of England (UWE).

These awards aim to honour upcoming students in the field of property education, who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in their property-related studies. 

UWE Undergraduate Award

This accolade is bestowed upon an undergraduate student who has exhibited outstanding performance in their property-related degree course. This award acknowledges not only their academic excellence but also a deep understanding of industry dynamics and commitment to driving positive change.


  • 2023 Jody Haines
  • 2019 Alice Stephens
  • 2018 Ben Cronan
  • 2017 Francesca Skinner / Carys Allen (joint award)

No awards were presented between 2020-22 due to the Covid-19 national pandemic

UWE Postgraduate Award

This award recognises the advanced level of study and specialised knowledge required in postgraduate programmes and honours a student who has excelled in a property-related, postgraduate degree course. This category celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and potential for significant contributions to the industry.

The BPAA Student Awards also serve as a springboard for students providing them with a platform to connect with industry leaders, network with their fellow peers and gain further insights into the world of property. Award recipients will also receive a tangible symbol of their achievements, enhancing their professional profiles and CVs and opening doors to future career opportunities.


  • 2023 Eleanor Musgrove
  • 2019 Freddie Foley
  • 2018 James Nelson
  • 2015 Lily Parkinson

No awards were presented between 2020-22 due to the Covid-19 national pandemic

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